Above Head

Camera Basics

Holding: Single Hand

One basic technique is holding your camera with one hand and supporting that elbow with your free hand. Keep your elbow near your body, as this will give you the most leverage and allow you to hold the camera for long periods.

Two Hands

Holding: Two Hands

Sometimes it is more comfortable to hold a camera with both hands. Again, keep your elbows near your body for improved leverage and stability. The difference between one and two hands is largely a matter of personal preference.

Above Head

Holding: Above the Head

If you're shooting events with crowds, you might need to hold your camera over your head. If you have a swivel viewfinder, this is no problem. However, if you're using a camera without an adjustable viewfinder, it takes a lot of practice to hit your mark.

Holding: Video Blog Style Interviewing

If you're using a small camera, you can hold it, facing inward at arms length, and capture yourself, plus your interview subject. The technique is tricky and definitely requires practice.Video Blog Style

Keep Recording

It's smart to record a little longer than you think you need, as you will have more wiggle room when you're editing.

Stabilizing your Camera

Shoot Stable

Keep an eye out for architectural or natural features that can help you stabilize your shots. Walls are good for leaning against, and knee-to-elbow action can be helpful -- try to use gravity to your advantage. If you're able to use a tripod, it'll make your shots 98% more stable.

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