Before you Begin!

TubeMogul allows you to upload your videos to several sharing sites simultaneously but in order to take advantage of this you will need an account for each site you choose to upload too .

In step 3 below there is an opportunity to do so with direct links to each registration page, however it makes more sense to spend a little time visiting each website you intend to upload to and get a feel for what kind of content they typically feature or promote.

Working with TubeMogul

1 Create an Account

Upload Tab

Create your TubeMongul account here.

You will need to check your e-mail for a confirmation link and all the usual registration stuff.

2 Upload to TubeMogul

Once you've logged in, you'll see the Dashboard.

Upload a Video

Simply click on Upload a Video.

Click Browse to find your video and Upload to send it to TubeMogul's sever.

Browse then Upload

From there you can add a title, description, tags, category, and choose a thumbnail (when applicable) for each website you choose to use. Be careful! Choosing the right words here can make a big difference when someone tries to search for your video.

Add descriptions

Once your video is done uploading to TubeMogul's servers, click Upload again at the bottom of the page.

Click Upload Once More

A Note about File Size

Depending on the length and quality (as in file size, not its chance to win an award) of the video you choose to upload, TubeMogul may re-encode or compress your video in order to work within the various specifications of each individual sharing site. If you're not sure what that means, don't worry about it too much right now. This may be an issue worth exploring more in the future, but the settings we chose in chapter 3 mean it probably won't be an issue. Either way, TubeMogul will handle the conversion, but you may want to consider dividing your videos into smaller chunks to avoid this problem.

3 Deploy!

The next page you're brought to is where TubeMongul starts to get fun. Enter log-in information for the various sites you wish to upload your video to. Click "more options" to go to the website's registration page. Make sure you click the checkbox for each one as you make your way down the list.


Once you've added the necessary info, make sure you've marked the check box next to each site you want to upload to and click Launch down below.


TubeMogul will automatically upload and submit each video to the service of your choosing. The process isn't instantaneous, but it would take much longer to do this for each individuals site. As an added bonus, you can navigate away from the page or even close your browser if you'd like. You'll know they have been successfully added to each sharing service you have selected when the yellow icon turns to green. Upload Complete

What's Next?

This is very much just the basics. To learn more you should definitely check out their website's screencast section to learn learn more about what their pay service offers.

Now that you've got video(s) uploaded, you need people to watch them.

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