Uploading Your Video to Engage Media

1 Create an Account

Create an EngageMedia account here.

Create an Account

2 Log In and Publish


Make sure you're logged in and select Publish Video.

3 Fill in the Details


Fill in the name and description — a lot of the information is optional, so don't feel overwhelmed. When you have this information set, go to the second section.

Choose a License

EngageMedia encourages a Creative Commons license.

We think licensing is so important, we wrote a whole chapter on it.

Video and Thumbnail

You will need to browse to find your video file, and your optional thumbnail. Plus, you'll need to input the length of the video (if you can't be exact, just guess).

Once you press Save, your video will begin to upload — there is no meter or indicator, and this process can take a LONG time to complete, depending on your connection and video length. Just leave the browser window open.

Creating Thumbnails

Also known as screenshots, these little images are immensely helpful when a person is browsing through videos.

See chapter 5.3d for info on creating screenshots (link opens in a new window).

What's Next?

Now that you've got video(s) uploaded, you need people to watch them.

We're always looking to improve these guides.
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