Uploading Your Video to blip.tv

1 Create an Account

Create a blip.tv account here.

Create an Account

2 Locate Your Video

Upload Tab

First, click the Upload Tab.


Next, name your video and give it a concise description.


Now, Browse for Your File. The thumbnail is optional and will be automatically generated if you leave this space blank.

3 A Few Important Details

Choose a License

We think licensing is so important, we wrote a whole chapter on it.

blip.tv makes it exceptionally easy to mark your work with any license you see fit (check out the Creative Commons licenses).

Tag It

Tagging is important for search purposes; use keywords and terms that viewers might look for.

Advanced Publishing Capabilities

blip.tv has a lot of advanced upload features. For example, blip will automatically cross-post your video to a blog, a myspace account, or a variety of other places. They also have tools that make promoting your videos easier.

blip.tv's learning center covers many of their advanced features.

4 Upload It!

Upload It

Hit upload.


Now, wait for your video to fully upload (don't reload or close this browser window).

What's Next?

Now that you've got video(s) uploaded, you need people to watch them.

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