Upload Your Videos

Alternative Option 1: Hybrid Approach

You can upload videos to a video sharing service, and then embed/link the videos into each post. This gives you some of the ease of use of a video service, but also allows you more ownership of your audience and options for customizing your presentation. We highly recommend blip.tv for this option.

Alternative Option 2: Paid Web Hosting

You can upload videos (usually via FTP) to a paid web host.

For more information, see CNET's Web Hosting Buying Guide

Here, we'll show you how to use the Internet Archive to upload a video to the internet for free.

1 Create an Account

Create an Archive.org account here.

Create an Account

2 Log In and Publish


Make sure you're logged in and select Publish Video.

3 Fill in the Details


Fill in the name of your work and click next.

Enter More Info

The next page is fairly self explanatory, with a variety of description fields to fill out including licensing information (we think licensing is so important, we wrote a whole chapter on it).


Once you press Upload Files, your video will begin to upload — this process can take a LONG time to complete, depending on your connection and video length. Just leave the browser window open, new page will open once this process is complete.

4 Get Your Video URL

Media Link

You will be redirected to a page with a link, click it.

Submit Movie

If you see the same page (from step 4), wait five to ten minutes and reload.


Once the video has processed, a new page will load, revealing your media.

Media Link

Now right click (on mac, ctrl + click) the filetype, in the left side-bar, and select Copy Link Location (Copy Shortcut for Internet Explorer). This copies the video URL.

Now that you have your video URL, you're ready to make a blog post.

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