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If you use a blogging service other than Wordpress: the process is a bit different, but the principles are the same.

Basic Steps: Create a new post, add your video URL (a screenshot is optional), and publish the post.

1 Access the Wordpress Admin Interface

Browse to your Wordpress blog and log in (revisit step 3 from The Blog if you don't remember how to log in).

Site Admin

Click the Site Admin link to access your blog's dashboard.


The Admin Interface

This is the control panel for your blog. You can write new posts, edit or delete existing posts, and customize your blog.

Share customization and usage tips at Customization

2 Create a New Post


Click the Write tab and a blank post will appear.

Post Title

Choose a descriptive title.

3 Take a Screenshot

A screenshot isn't mandatory, but it's definitely a nice touch. Leave your browser open while you do this step.

Play Your Video

Browse to your video file and double click to play it. Find a compelling frame to use as your screenshot and then press pause.

For Mac:

Hold apple + shift and press 4. Your cursor should turn into a cross. Now press your spacebar once. The cursor should turn into a camera. Hover the camera over your video and click your mouse button once.

Mac Screen

The screenshot should appear on your desktop as Picture 1.png.

For Windows XP:

Unfortunately, Windows XP isn't as easy to get screenshots from... screenshots aren't mandatory, but they're highly recommended.

Share and find resources for Taking a Screenshot With Windows XP

For Windows Vista:

We haven't had a chance to dig into Vista yet!

Share and find resources for Taking a Screenshot With Windows Vista

4 Upload Your Screenshot

Below your post, there is an upload interface.

Upload Screen

Browse to the screenshot, open it, and then click the Upload button.

Full Size

Now a small version of your screenshot will appear in the window; scroll down and check the Full size button.

Send to Editor

Scroll down further and click Send to editor.

5 Link to Your Video

The full size screenshot should appear in your post window.

Link It

Single click the image to highlight it and then click the link chain icon on the toolbar. You can also center the screenshot by clicking the center text icon on the toolbar.

Link Address

Edit > Paste the URL of your video file into the Link URL field and click Insert button.

(revisit step 5 from The Video if you don't remember the URL).

Text Link

If don't want a screenshot: write something like Video Link, highlight the text, click the Link Chain icon, and paste in your video URL.

6 Publish the Post

Click to the right of your screenshot and press enter once.

Describe It

Now write a short description of your video. We recommend giving viewers instructions for watching the video (such as, click screen to watch).


Now click the Publish button.

View Site

Congrats on making a video blog post! To see it, visit the front page of your blog.

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