Get a Video RSS Feed

Attention DIY bloggers and folks

If you use a blogging service other than, step 1 will be a bit different for you. Your goal is to find your blog's RSS feed URL. Once you have it, move to step 2.

For help, see Finding Your Blog's Feed.

1 Find Your Wordpress RSS Feed Address

Browse to your Wordpress blog.

Go to Your Blog

An RSS feed is a URL, just like any other link on a website.

Feed URL

Scroll to the bottom of the page (sometimes it's in the sidebar's "meta" section) and look for the RSS feed links.

Copy URL

Right click (for mac, ctrl + click) on Entries (RSS). Now select Copy Link Location (Copy Shortcut for Internet Explorer).

2 Burn a Video RSS Feed

Browse to Feedburner Burn URL

Use Edit > Paste to input your RSS address into the field. MAKE SURE YOU CHECK THE BOX THAT SAYS I am a podcaster!

Now click the Next button.

3 Create a Feedburner Account

Now Feedburner will prompt you to create an account.

Create an Account

Make sure your feed title and address are good, and then fill out the account information. Once you're set, press the Activate Feed button.

Burnt URL

The link in blue is your video RSS feed URL. In order to have viewers subscribe to your videos, they will need this magic link. Write it down. We'll show you how to use it in Chapter 6: Promote.

Customize Your Feedburner Feed

Feedburner has a ton of advanced options, such as custom feed icons, descriptions and titles — this allows your viewers to get a better experience when they subscribe to your feed. Look on the Feedburner site for more details.

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