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Do It Yourself (DIY) Blog vs Hosted Blogging Service

If you want the most control over your video blog, you'll need a DIY blog hosted on your on web space. This allows a custom URL, like Wordpress offers both a hosted and DIY option for their software.

Blogsolid's advice on DIY Wordpress Installation
and CNET's DIY Web Hosting Buying Guide

If you go the DIY route (and pick Wordpress as your platform), we strongly recommend the plugins available on the Show in a Box.

Below are instructions for creating blogging account at In case you're interested, here's a list of alternative hosted blogging services.

1 Get a Wordpress Account

Create a blog here.

Create an Account

Fill out the forms and make sure you check Gimmie a Blog!.


Now click the Next button.

2 Choose a Domain Name


On the second page, you'll be picking a Blog Domain. This is important, because it's the web address for your blog.


Fill in the remaining info and click Signup.

You will need to check your e-mail for a confirmation link and all the usual registration stuff.

3 Log In to Your New Blog

Once you've gotten an e-mail with a password, browse to the domain you chose.

Browse to Account Find Meta

Find the Meta section in the sidebar and then click the Login link.


Use your login credentials; you should have gotten them by e-mail after having followed the confirmation link.

Logged In

If all went well, you're logged in to your new blog (what once said 'login' should now say 'logout').

Now you've got a fully functional blog! Now let's get the second element of your videoblog going.

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