Miro is a free and open source internet TV application that works for Mac, Windows, and Linux. It's great for subscribing to feeds, especially when the video is in HD. You can download it here.

The Miro Guide

Miro Directory

The Miro Guide is an open content directory that comes with Miro. It is also accessible via web browser: MiroGuide.com.

How to Get Your Feed in the Miro Guide

1 Create an Account

Go to the Miro Guide and click "Register Now!" under the Account tab.

Create an Account

2 Submit Your Feed

Once you're logged in with an account, hover on your username (where the Account tab was) and then click "Submit a Feed".

Enter your Feed

3 I am the Creator

Paste your RSS feed into the blank space and click "I am the Creator".

Add Dialog

4 Fill in the Blanks

Many of these fields are automatically filled in, just fill in the blanks.

More Info

Your channel logo is very important, as people will often subscribe to a channel because it has an interesting logo. We recommend using a 300px by 200px image (or something with a 3:2 aspect ratio).

More Details

Once you're done filling in the blanks, click Submit Channel.

The PCF's volunteer moderation team will review and approve your submission. It's a good idea to test your RSS feed manually, in Miro, before submitting it to the channel guide.

We're always looking to improve these guides.
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