Find Your Video Feed URL

If You Use a Video Service:

If you use a video hosting site like YouTube, Revver, or Vimeo, you already have a video feed. Enter your account name below and we'll give you a link to your feed.

Video Service Feed Locator

If You Use a Video Blog:

Firefox 3 is a very useful tool for locating your feed; we recommend you download and install it. Load up the front page of your blog and look in the address bar for a blue feed icon. If you click on that blue icon, a URL will appear in the address bar and your posts should pop into the page. Copy that URL and then make sure you've got media in your feed (see below).


Make Sure You've Got a Media Feed

Not all feeds are media enabled, which means the viewer won't get any video. When Firefox 3 loads up your feed, each post should have a little grey box below it that says "Media files" and a link to your video file (see image below).


If you don't have links in your feed, we recommend putting a hyperlink to your video file (.wmv, .mov, .mp4, etc) each time you post a new video (just add the link to the blog post). After that, follow our instructions for burning your existing feed.

We think media feeds are so important that we've written an essay on the subject!

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