Screencast: Making Titles

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1 Pick Destination of Title

Choose Tools > Titles and Credits.

Choose Destination

2 Add Text

The first box is the title and the second is the subtitle.

Add Text

As soon as you type, you should get a preview of the title in your Playback Window.

3 Customize Your Title

Click the Change the title animation link (scroll down if you don't see it).

There are many formats and types of titles to choose from, experiment with them. The styles that say (overlay) will be set on top of the video image.

Custom Title

If you want to change the text of your title, click the Edit the title text link.

4 Customize Even More

Click the Change the title animation link.

Use these controls to change colors, fonts, transparency and position of the text.

More Customization

Once you're ready to place the title, click the Done, add title to movie link.

Add Title

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