Screencast: Sound and Music

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1 Import Audio File(s)

Choose File > Import into Collections (Ctrl + I) and browse to your audio files.

Place Your Playhead

Select one or more audio file and click Import.

2 Add the Audio File

First, make sure the Collections sidebar is showing (View > Collections), and then choose the Collections folder.


Single click the audio file and choose Clip > Add to Timeline (Ctrl + D) or drag and drop the file from your Collections onto the timeline.

Reveal the Entire Timeline

Reveal Timeline

If you can't see the audio you imported, click and drag the top of the timeline up to reveal the sound/music tracks.

3 Arrange, Cut and Splice

The audio should appear on the Audio/Music portion of the timeline.

You've Got Music

Use all the same techniques you used to arrange video clips, in order to move and cut audio tracks.

MP3 Files Crash Windows Movie Maker?

It seems that standard mp3 files sometimes crash WMM — if you experience this inconvenience, check out Converting Audio Files with Windows

4 Volume Control

Right Click on an audio clip and then click volume to adjust the volume level on the entire clip.

Volume Control

Additionally, you can add a Fade to the beginning or end of the clip.

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