Screencast: Import from a File

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1 Open WMM, Import into Collections

Open Windows Media Maker and choose File > Import into Collections (Ctrl + I).

Import from Camera

Browse to the folder, select the videos you want, and click import.

Menu Commands

Menus and Commands

Whenever you see a command, such as File > Save Project, it refers to commands in the menu bar (top of the screen).

Keyboard shortcuts are given in parenthesis; for example, (Ctrl + S) indicates that the control key should be held and the 'S' key should be pressed once.

2 Videos Appear in My Collections

Now the footage should appear in the clips library.

Files are in Collections

Single click on a clip and press F2 to rename it.

Trouble Importing or Finding the Video File?

If you cannot use or find the videos, they probably aren't in a Windows compatible format (the files might end in .mov or .mp4).

You can try converting them to the Windows Media format with the free video transcoding software MediaCoder