Screencast: Export Your Video

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1 Save a Movie File

Once your video is finalized, use File > Save Movie File (Ctrl + P).

Select Device

Select My computer, and then click Next.

Select Device

Choose a name and a destination, and then click Next.

2 Choose Video Export Quality

Select Device

First, click the Show more choices link.

Select Device

For sharing on the internet, we recommend exporting as Video for broadband (512 Kbps).

For a reasonably high-quality copy that will play back nicely on your computer, choose Best quality for playback on my computer.

If you want a full-quality version, you can choose the DV-AVI setting (the file may take a lot of storage space).

Select Device

Depending on the speed of your computer and length of your video, this process could take a while. Once it's finished, your finalized movie file will be saved to wherever you specified in step 1.

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