Screencast: Arranging Clips

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1 Arrange Your Clips

Open the Collections bin and drag your clips onto the timeline.

Clip Library Timeline
Timeline vs. Storyboard

Timeline View vs. Storyboard View

Try both views: toggle the icon shown to the right (find it above the timeline).

Viewing the project as a storyboard may seem more intuitive, but the timeline view shows the relative length of video and audio clips.

We'll be using the timeline view for this tutorial.

2 Cut and Splice

Click on a clip and position the playhead where you want to split the clip.

Position Playhead

Use Clip > Split (Ctrl + L) to cut the clip into two.

and Cut

Rearrange the remaining pieces, or press delete to remove the unneeded portion.

3 Shave the Edges Off

Click on a clip and hover your cursor over the beginning or ending of the clip — the cursor will turn into a red double arrow. Drag the clip edge to shave off the outer portion.

Set Crop Marks
Precision Zooming

Zooming and Precision

Get a different perspective on the timeline with the zoom slider. When on the timeline, hold alt and press the left or right key to nudge your playhead a single frame.

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