Screencast: Transitions and Effects

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1 Choose a Destination

Transitions go at the beginning or end of a clip, and sometimes require two clips to be butted up next to each other.


2 The Transition Library

First, select the Editing menu, and then choose the Transitions sub-menu.

Transition Library

The arrow(s) indicate whether a transition must be placed at the beginning or end of a single clip, or in between two clips.

Which Transition Should I Use?

For something mellow, try: Cross Dissolve, Fade In/Out, and Wash In/Out. If you're looking for something more jarring, try butting clips together with no transition.

3 Preview Your Transition

Single click on the transition to see a preview.

Preview Transition

The speed slider changes the duration of the transition.

Speed Slider

Timecode and FPS


In the US and Japan, standard video has 29.97 frames per second (FPS), while almost everyone else in the world has 24 FPS. In the US, 00:00:15 is close to one half second.

4 Drag and Drop Your Transition

Grab your transition from the library and drop it in place.

Transition Set

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