Screencast: Titles and Credits

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1 Choose a Destination

Position your playhead where you would like the title to begin.

Place Playhead

2 The Titles Library

Select the Editing menu, and then choose the Titles sub-menu.

Titles Library

There are many to choose from — we're going to demonstrate a basic Centered Title.

3 Create a Centered Title

Select the Centered Title option.

Centered Title

Fill your title/subtitle into the box. You can also customize the color (white is the default).

Fill in Your Title

Choose a font, typeface, and size. If you'd like a second title, use the plus "+" icon (below the color picker).

Size and Font

4 Pace Your Title

The Speed Slider dictates how long it takes for your title to fade in and out. The Pause Slider is the amount of time your title stays, between fading in/out. The Duration is simply the total sum of the Speed and Pause.

Pace Your Title

Check out the description of Timecode (below) to understand what the Speed and Pause durations actually mean.

Timecode and FPS


In the US and Japan, standard video has 29.97 frames per second (FPS), while almost everyone else in the world has 24 FPS. In the US, 00:00:15 is close to one half second.

5 Preview Your Title

Once you have your variables filled chosen, single click the highlighted title (Centered Title, in this case). Click in the preview window to change the placement of your title.

Preview Your Title

Any time you change or update your title, just single click the type of title and you'll get a preview.

6 Put Your Title into Your Video

To place your title, simply click Add.

Add Your Title

Alternatively, you can drag and drop the title (Centered Title, in this case) onto the timeline.

Add Your Title

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