Screencast: Import from DV Tape

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1 Plug in Your DV Camcorder

Plug your DV camcorder into your computer via Firewire or USB 2.0.

Plug in DV Camcorder

Power up and set the camcorder to VTR or VCR mode.

Menu Commands

Menus and Commands

Whenever you see a command, such as File > Save Project, it refers to commands in the menu bar (top of the screen).

Keyboard shortcuts are given in parenthesis; for example, (Apple + S) indicates that the apple key should be held and the 'S' key should be pressed once.

2 Open iMovie, Create New Project

Open iMove and create a new project using File > New (Apple + N).

Create a New Project

Name the project, choose a destination and then press Create

3 Queue and Record Your Footage

Queue up the footage you want to capture, on your DV camcorder. You can usually use the fast forward, rewind, play, stop and import buttons in iMovie to control your camcorder (otherwise, queue the footage with the controls on the camcorder).

Once the footage you want to record is queued up, press import to capture it. Once you're done capturing, press stop. Repeat as necessary.

Camera Connected

4 Videos Appear in the Clip Library

Now the footage should appear in the clips library. Just click on the name of a clip to rename it.

Import a File

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