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Windows (PC)

All versions of Windows XP and Vista have free access to a basic video editing program, called Windows Movie Maker (WMM). If you already have access to a Windows XP computer, we recommend trying WMM, before you look into more advanced (potentially expensive) alternatives.


New Apple computers running OSX include a free copy of iMovie. iMovie is an incredibly easy to use, basic video editing program. iMovie has a, arguably, more intuitive interface than Windows Movie Maker.


GNU/Linux is a totally kick ass operating system. However, it is decidedly immature when it comes to video editing; this is due, in part, to proprietary video codec schemes. That said, if you are a GNU/Linux user, it is possible to edit video, using solely free and open source software.

Vendor Lock-In

Collaboration and Vendor Lock-In

When you're working with others on video projects, everything is easier if everyone is using the same editing platform/program. You can always save in the same format, and be able to easily access each others' work.

This is known as vendor lock-in, and is one of the least fun parts of digital video editing.

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